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Black Lavender Headscarf

Black Lavender Headscarf

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Just a little floral for the darksided ones amongst us. A little pop of lavendercolour in a sea of black.


These headscarves can be styled in many ways - wrap once around your head with a tied bow, twice around with a little tie for cuteness, or even wrapped or tied around you ponytail or bun - the options are endless! Style ideas coming soon - stay tuned to our socials. 


    Made from 100% polyester Georgette style chiffon fabric. Rolled cotton edging.

    Size: Approximately 25cm wide and 150cm long. There is some variation in sizing.


    If ironing is required, steaming works best otherwise a cool iron with a cotton pillowcase or teatowel over the top be sure. 

    Headscarves are notorious for collecting oils from your hair and face and need to be washed every now and then. Wash this one in a cold wash on a delicate cycle for best results. Colours may bleed during washing so we suggest you wash them separately.