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Central Perk Scrunchie

Central Perk Scrunchie


Could these BE any cuter? The 90s are back, baby! So grab your scrunchie and get settled in for a FRIENDS marathon. 


FRIENDS themed print, including Central Perk logo and the infamous door frame. Psst - we have FRIENDS door frame earrings too HERE.


Made by the lovely Sarah at Scrunchiesbysarahau. 


They are a big scrunchie, wide and fabulous. Will fit easily on your wrist and twist around your ponytail two or three times. 


    100% cotton fabric. Made by the lovely Scrunchiesbysarahau.

    Size: Sarah says 'you can tie 2-3 rounds in a ponytail or bun depending on hair thickness.'


    Scrunchies are notorious for collecting oils from your hair and face and need to be washed every now and then. Wash this one in a COLD WASH on a delicate cycle for best results. Colours may bleed during washing so we suggest you wash them separately.