Cher & Dionne Dangles

Cher & Dionne Dangles


Cher and Dionne are friends because they both know what it’s like to have people jealous of them. They rule the school and do it in plaid minis. They get each other. Cher would never have to say “Oh, no. You don’t understand. This is an Alaïa.” Dionne would just like know already. Duh.  They might be Clueless but they know what's up. 

And in conclusion, may I please remind you that it does not say “RSVP” on the Statue of Liberty?


These formidable girls the next in our Famous Female Duos Collection - please let us know if you have a suggestion of a female duo you'd like to see in accessory form.

Hanger Colour

    Original artwork by Ginger Pins Originals.

    Printed on Clear Acrylic and topped with a Solid Black or Pastel Yellow Acrylic hanger with a surgical steel stud backing.

    Cher measures 19mm x 47mm and Dionne measures 20mm x 47mm, like duh, she’s wearing a hat, but you better believe they are an unstoppable duo.

    Technology is different for us all and as such you may notice some differences in colour as our images are merely a guide and patterns and colours may vary slightly depending on your device. It can be a little tricky to show you all the colours and intricacies of the wind, we have tried our very best to represent them as closely as possible however, they may appear differently up close.

    Similarly, as each piece is crafted by hand with all the joy and heart of a musical theatre soundtrack, they are all unique and may have slight differences from each other – like us – isn’t the world a beautiful thing!

    If you’d like more photos of your potential best bud earrings or accessories, please email. us and we are more than happy to do our best.


    These beauties are made with love and industrial strength adhesives and surgical steel findings.
    To clean the acrylic, just wipe down with a baby wipe or gentle cleaner (i.e. dish soap or surface cleaner) and water, then use dry cloth to remove any streak marks. The paint may lift if wet, please avoid the painted areas. 

    We advise that you don't wear them to bed or in the shower to protect you and the longevity of your accessories.