• Circle Dangles Frosted Petals


    Spring is here. It's still a little frosty but birds chirping, flowers blooming and it's Virgo season. This 'Jacaranda' petals pattern and frosted purple are an unbeatable duo. 





      Expertly and death-defyingly laser-cut from Jacaranda Petals and Purple Frosted Acrylic.

      A cute 15mm wide circle on the top and a double the fun 30mm circle on the bottom.

      Thoughtfully paired with an 8mm surgical steel stud backing and stainless-steel jump ring.


      These beauties are made with love and industrial strength adhesives and surgical steel findings.

      To clean the shiny acrylic, just wipe down with a baby wipe or gentle cleaner (i.e. dish soap or surface cleaner) and water, then use dry cloth to remove any streak marks.