Hairspray Ultra Clutch Studs

Hairspray Ultra Clutch Studs


And now, broadcast live infront of a live studio audience, for the first time from the certified, up-to code WYDT studio, it's the Ginger Pins Originals Hairspray Studs - brought to you by Ultra Clutch Hairspray. 


What gives a girl power and punch? Is it charm, is it poise? No, it's hairspray (studs)!


You know every step, you know every song. You know there's a place where these earrings belong (on your ears). You see all those party lights shining ahead. Wait, those aren't party lights, that's the sparkling relflection of your Hairspray Ultra Clutch Studs. Phew! Dodged that party bullet. 


    Expertly and death-defyingly laser-cut from Teal Glitter Acrylic and paint filled to keep your hair high and your feet dancing. 

    These tiny gems measures 30mm long and 15mm wide. No real hairspray included unfortunately. 

    Thoughtfully paired with an 8mm surgical steel stud backing and all the Nikki Blonksy/Zac Efron nostaglia your brain can handle. 


    These beauties are made with love and industrial strength adhesives and surgical steel findings.

    To clean the shiny acrylic, gently wipe down with a baby wipe or gentle cleaner (i.e. dish soap or surface cleaner) and water, then use dry cloth to remove any streak marks. The paint may lift if wet, please avoid the painted areas. 

    These studs in particular have a number of paint filled areas so please be mindful when cleaning. 

    We advise that you don't wear them to bed or in the shower to protect you and the longevity of your accessories.