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Debs, Dresses & Divas: How to get through Debutante season.

It's a coming of age event, a right of passage if you will, in to your adult years to dress up in a big white dress and dance around with your friends whilst hundreds of adoring parents take millions of photos. As such it can be a really difficult, high pressure process with all that comes with this glitzy night. Some would even say it's like a mini wedding with all the organisation and stress that goes in to the preparation. Well never fear, we are here to help you get through the silly season and ease the tension that sometimes builds up between parents and their daughters during this time.

TIP: Set a budget and stick to it. It's not cheap to do your Deb these days but there are ways to keep your eye on the prize and achieve the look you want whilst not breaking the bank account. Deb dresses and wedding dresses are sometimes very similar and this means sometimes the price tag can be similar, so to make sure that you don't have any surprises at the end, keep your eye on the total. Think about it, you need a dress, deb dress alterations, shoes, jewellery and accessories, hair, makeup and sometimes even a Deb gift, so there is a lot to consider. Find out what you can do yourself, what you might already have and focus your budget on the rest. Debs, don't just assume your parents are willing to spend in excess of $2000 for your dress, it's just not fair, and parents, stand your ground - you're the parent after all, you decide how much and let her do the rest.

TIP: Don't let Deb consume you - there is a life to be lived alongside your preparation. This is a fun event, a life experience but it isn't a wedding day, so keep things in perspective for less stress. Take your time and find what you want but if you've got a weekend planned with seven stores, 58 possible dresses and four makeup trials - you're probably over doing it.

TIP: check your restrictions. Every school or Rotary club normally has a list of restrictions or requirements that you must abide by. And after all the horror stories we hear about dresses being cut and electrical tape being used, it is very important to check. The normal ones are to do with hem length, having straps and sometimes coverage/modesty. So make sure before you start looking and before your first fitting that you check what is required and save those Deb day tears.

TIP: Be comfortable. There is no sense in being uncomfortable for 12 hours and tugging and pulling on your perfectly white dress, so make sure when fitting your dress that you are comfortable. Go for comfortable shoes as it's likely that no one will see them. Check the fit as an ill-fitting dress can be the worse decision you make - luckily we can help with that! And definitely

TIP: Be open. Mothers and daughters can have a hard time during Deb season. We have seen many arguments between parents and debs that can be avoided with a little openness. Parents, yes, you are paying but your daughter will know what she wants. Be honest and willing to give your opinion but give them a bit of room. And Debs, let your Mum see what your Grans pearls look like, hear their opinions and consider them, after all they are paying and they want you to look your best. Be kind to one another, again it is your Deb, not your wedding - save the fights for that! Oh there are so, so many more words of wisdom we can bestow about your debutante experience, so please don't hesitate to ask at your fitting.

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