Wedding dress alterations

Wedding Dress Alterations

 Ginger pins wedding dress alterations. Affordable Gown adjustments by professional dressmakers. Don't entrust your beautiful bridal gown tailoring to just anybody. Hems shortened including complex lace border hemlines.

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So it’s time your big day if fast approaching. Time to make an appointment for wedding dress alterations, your dream dress made even better, well at Ginger Pins we have all your bridal gown alterations covered.


It is important to plan and budget for your wedding dress alterations as there is always something needed. The fit of a bridal gown is different to your regular off the rack clothing, not only because it’s a formal dress but also because there is generally a lot more structure inside.

Frequently Asked Bridal Alterations Questions

When should I start wedding dress alterations?

We suggest begin your bridal tailoring five to six weeks before your wedding date.  This gives us time to go through the process of making changes, getting the fit right and making any variations. If considering some major adjustments, such as sleeves, structural change or have undergone major weight loss since purchasing your dress, then we ask that you book your first appointment six to eight weeks from your big day.


Consider who you bring along to your appointments as there is limited space and many opinions can sometimes be overwhelming during the bridal alterations process. Bring along a friend or bridesmaid. So we can teach them how to get you in to the gown and of course a parent or close relative so you can share the moment together. But trust us when we say limit those accompanying you. It will make your time a lot more enjoyable and easy.


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How many appointments will I need?

Bridal wear will normally need two or three appointments. At the first fitting the bride will consult with a dressmaker about what sorts of changes she would like made, and we will normally mark your dress accordingly.

Your final appointment is for trying your gown on for the last time, make sure you are comfortable and that everything is just right. Should we need to make severe alterations for example significant weight gain or weight loss on your wedding dress then you make need extra appointments.

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How long will my wedding gown alterations take?

We like to have two weeks in between appointments so that our seamstresses have ample time getting your gown adjustments just right.We know that traveling the distance a number of times can be difficult for those not in Melbourne or the South East, so we always aim to complete the process in as few appointments as possible.At the first gown fitting bring along your shoes, undergarments and petticoat if wearing one ( although we have them for hire or purchase).


During the consultation we will discuss all wedding dress alterations, what we think are necessary, what you would like to see plus provide you with a quote for everything you decide. The final balance is due on pick up. You will require a second fitting and sometimes a third or fourth depending on what sort of changes are decided on.

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How much will it cost?


There are many varying elements when it comes to wedding dress alterations. We should be able to give you an idea on pricing if you would like to send us photos of you in your dress via email or Facebook, or book an appointment for a free quote.

Prices for bridal alterations are based on the scope and severity of the alterations needed, the detail involved and the length of time such a change will take to complete. These details include elements like beading, lace work or delicate fabrics which all effect cost.

For example, should you have a beaded bodice and need it taken in, we will have to remove the beading surrounding the area and tighten remaining beads, then work our magic on the dress, to then finish it off by re-beading the areas that need it and make sure all surrounding beads are still tightly sewn.


What kinds of alterations can I expect on my wedding dress?


Each wedding dress and bride is individual, so we aim to make sure all modifications, adaptations and variations are specific to the ideal version of your dress for yo Typically you can expect your hem (length altered), a bustle (pinning the train up in the back to move around easier), strap adjustment and a take in or let out of the bodice.

There are many other alterations to consider depending on your style, shape and needs.Other optional changes can include custom straps, sleeves, added bead-work, neckline changes, bra cups, petticoat hire and much more.

Gown sizing is quite unlike regular clothing also, so don’t be alarmed by the number on the size tag  this means nothing. Shape, size height we are never two the same, therefore alteration customisation will inevitably be required and will differ from bride to bride.


When you come in for your wedding dress fitting, we will give you all the fitting tips, dressing pointers and bridal industry experience we have to offer. This sort of thing requires an expert eye and luckily we have it!


It is most important to maintain your weight between fittings as any change in size or shape will affect the fit of your bridal gown. Over the six or so weeks during the fitting process, it is best to communicate with your alterations specialist and let them know if you are concerned that a change in weight might affect your fit.

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