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Surviving Your Summer Wedding.

A summer wedding is the ideal for many couples; the idea of being outside in the beautiful weather, the sun shining down as you say your life-long vowels is a romantic image, right? Yes, it certainly is however it certainly comes with its sweaty challenges. So here we are giving you a few tips on how to survive a summer wedding.

Dress code

If you know you have a summer wedding dream and your perfect day starts off with an outdoor ceremony with the breeze in your hair and the grass beneath your feet, make sure you give your guests a fighting chance. Relax the dress code a little to let your guests feel comfortable as the sun beats down. Remember they will be sitting there long before you arrive so let them decide what they wear – maybe a smart casual or summer formal vibe could give them the comfort they need to make it through.

Hair & Makeup

A very important factor for you as a bride. Make sure you bring supplies! Your makeup artist can pack it on, set your face to within an inch of your life and your hair set with a can of hairspray and you’ll still need a touch up kit for those sweaty, oily moments. There is nothing to be ashamed of, not even Jennifer Aniston can control her sweat on a 40-degree day, so embrace the warm and just be ready with a foundation touch up and a few carefully hidden but easily reachable tissues for blotting. You won’t regret it.


You are going to sweat! Wedding dresses aren’t designed for comfort and they certainly aren’t designed for the Australian summer. So make sure you are aware of your body temperature and keep your bridesmaids stocked with tissues, hand fans, water and even ask the venue if ice packs can be stored somewhere for when things get really tough. When at your dress fitting, ask the wedding dress alterations assistant if there is anything that can be done to minimise the sweat areas, namely the underarms – maybe we can cut away from the armhole or let you know if the fabric is prone to water marks. This may save you an embarrassing sweat patch moment or at the very least give you some comfort.


We all love a celebratory bubbles on the big day and that is important, but don’t underrate a mocktail option for you and your guests. If your ceremony is outside, give them a little mocktail with some tasty and fancy looking ingredients to get them in the mood but keep them hydrated. No one wants an overheated, under-watered bunch of wedding guests that don’t make it to speeches. So jazz it up a little with something non-alcoholic early to give them the best chance.


Never underestimate the humble fan. Whether it’s a ceiling fan, upright or hand fan, these are all great options and should be considered with your venue. A little breeze on an otherwise very still and hot day can be a lifesaver. So chat with your venue or wedding planner and make sure fans can be on and ready for you and your guests.

Indoor photos

The outdoor photos are great, and you will undoubtedly get those, but venture indoors and get creative. Pre plan and ask you photographer to consider some indoor locations so you can get the most relaxed version of your day. Alternate between indoors and outdoors and cool off in between. This will not only give you the best chance at not seating through your dress but may also result in some really beautiful shots you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

So think about the big picture and most importantly think about your guests. You want them to enjoy the day because ultimately you know what you can handle and you are one person, they are a whole bunch and what's a wedding without happy, fun-loving and non-sunburnt guests.

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