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Corona got you postponed?

Trying trying times are upon us, that is a fact. And many of you will be feeling the effects if your wedding or event has been postponed. You were all geared up for your big day, some of you just days away from it and now everything is on hold.

We know some of you ladies and gents still don't have a new date but that's ok because your wedding day can only be better than ever when it does come time. How do we know this? Well, a little faith in the universe can go a long way we think.

Although we can't help with much during this crazy time we do have a few tips for getting your wedding or deb dress altered when the time comes.

1. Get the low down from your dress vendor.

If you already paid that lovely gown off and you have it stored somewhere safe then this part won't apply to you. But if you haven't and your dress is still in the safe hands of your bridal store, then there is an important conversation to be had.

Keep in mind that small businesses are struggling quite a bit at the moment to stay afloat so if you have the means to pay off your gown and collect it then that's the best option. If there are storage costs offered to you remember that overheads are a killer when businesses are on hold, so this is the reason.

If you have cancelled your wedding and no longer need your dress then make sure to read the fine print of your contract with the store as both you and them have rights in these situations.