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Vintage Weddings

Those were the days, hey? Well if hey-day, golden age glamour is your thing then a vintage wedding is probably something you have considered. To be honest, vintage weddings are one of my favourite themes so we thought we would talk about a few ways to achieve this theme.


Lace all over, every day, everywhere! Lace is a prime vintage marker. And not only can this be a part of your wedding dress but it can be a little touch in many parts of your day.

From invitations:

To place settings:

And even on your cake:

But let’s get back to what we at Ginger Pins know best and that is Bridal gowns. Lace has been a feature of wedding dresses for many many years and choosing a style that has a vintage look about it can really embody the style you are going for.

Another (personal favourite) vintage idea is the length of your dress. You may have heard the term tea-length or mid-length – this a length below the knee but above the ankle and is a great option for the vintage gal.

This is Sarah, a recent Ginger Pins bride, in her vintage tea-length dress from Perfection Bridal. Her wedding dress alterations were minor adjustments as the tea length hemline was not too short or too long, but just the right length on Sarah.


What says vintage more than flowers? There is so much you can do with flowers other than just a centrepiece. Yes, they can be pricey but shop around and consider your options. Find out what will be in season around the time of your wedding, there are in abundance and will be cheaper.

Also consider fake flowers – wait, don’t run away, hear us out. There are some superbly realistic looking fake flowers out there and not only do they last forever as decoration in your home, but they are also quite often, a heck of a lot cheaper than real ones.

The other positive is that you can have any flower any time of year and you can also get them organised well in advance. If you have a creative flair, then you could also save costs by arranging them yourself!


A perhaps pricey but fantastic vintage option is a live band. These give a really authentic feeling with all the personality added on top. There are some exceptional wedding musicians out there so ask around, go to a gig of theirs if you can and get booking – you won’t regret it.

If you are really super into the vintage vibe and wanting an era specific music playlist, there are certainly artists out there that specialise in this kind of thing also. Instagram is a great place to find these types of artists – search hashtags relating to the era and style of music you are after.

These are only a few options but we hope to add to the list. Do you have any ideas?

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