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Ginger Pins blog is ALIVE!

Welcome to the shiny new Ginger Pins blog. In the spirit of exploring new things, show the world what Ginger Pins is all about and fine tuning skills, I thought a blog would be an interesting addition.

I want to write about vintage fashion, about things that inspire me and about the projects that come across my sewing desk. I do love to write as well as sew, so I hope I can bring something interesting to this blog and make this a dynamic space that will be a source of something – whether it be a source of information or of entertainment, I hope someone somewhere can take something from it.

Follow my progress in creating a line of garments, of vintage inspired garments that you guys will hopefully love. This prospect is extremely exciting but it is definitely a long and winding road, so stay tuned.

I have also created a range of flower girl dresses. If there is something you would like to see, something you are interested in purchasing, please contact me, I would love to be able to create something just for you.

So stay tuned to the Ginger Pins blog and hopefully something will eventuate – here goes!



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